We won’t have much of a holiday tomorrow or Friday, but maybe later this weekend

Tomorrow will be spent moving hundreds of hay bales, from the field into the hay loft. Generally hot, dusty, sweaty, tiring work. But it always feels good to get the harvest out of the field and into storage. Plus, the weather tomorrow will be low-mid 70’s which is a heckuva lot more comfortable than last year’s mid-90’s for the same task.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be sitting up with one of our livestock dogs, who is absolutely terrified of fireworks. We’re rural enough that many of our neighbors put on their own sound and lights show, and that sends our Cougar into fits of trembling and cowering at the back of his field shelter. So we’ve got a routine now where I’ll go outside and sit with him under his favorite maple tree, and sing to him and let him know it’s going to be OK. He still trembles some, but he lays his big head in my lap and gives big sighs of “I’ll be glad when this is over.”, and wags his tail occasionally. Doesn’t sound very entertaining but in an odd way it’s very pleasant. He’s one of our rescue dogs and he and I have a special relationship, forged when he was at the very edge of giving up on people entirely. So it’s a good excuse to sit under a big maple tree with him for two hours on a nice summer’s evening. Yea, that works just fine.