The 4th of July is almost over

and I’m always relieved when the sound and light show comes to an end. Such a practical person, I’m always worried about injuries and spooked animals and fire and such. But somehow, tonight I was able to enjoy some of the fireworks, even while I sat with our dog to calm him, and as I walked the farm to check on everyone else. And I got to thinking about all the things we can be grateful for, here in our beloved country. No, it’s not perfect, but it’s ours and it’ll be whatever we make it to be. That’s the promise and the burden of living in a country like ours.

When I got back inside, I was in a reflective mood and I went looking for some music videos that captured what I was feeling. Most of them are very familiar to those folks who already listen to Country/Western, but I think the lyrics and images speak to everyone. After watching almost an hour’s worth, I thought maybe I’d share some of my favorites. Ignore the following list if you wish, but try some of these on for size if you’re willing. Some are proud, some are somber, some are encouraging, some are comforting. And maybe some would have been better suited to Memorial Day but they came to mind for me tonight for whatever reason.