If anyone would like to see my spreadsheet, I’d be happy to share

I dump it all in one Ing account, but keep a spreadsheet (one row for each deposit or withdrawal; one column for each category of savings).

So at a payday (unsecured personal loans fair credit) I may deposit $1500 but I itemize in my spreadsheet that $17 is for car registration, $250 is for my IRA, $50 is for lake cabin fees, $150 for car replacement, -$100 for pet expenses, etc.

Personally, I like to know that twice a year, I’ll have $600 set aside for the cabin; in April, I’ll have $6000 for my IRA, etc. Without “naming” the funds, I think I’d tend to “borrow” without any intention of repayment. (I’ve been known to borrow from one sinking fund for another, but the glaring negative value in Excel makes me repay the proper fund quickly.